The powerful, energy saving range of Waterco or Hurlcon pumps is designed to deliver all the power you need to cope with the modern day swimming pool. Our team will show you how these pumps incorporate the latest pool technology to deliver the right combination of performance, noise reduction and energy savings for your pool.


Sand filtration is the most common form of filtration for swimming pools and it is easy to understand why. Sand filters although large in size are efficient and very easy to maintain. However, as the sand bed becomes full with debris and dirt, the sand filter will struggle to clean the water.

The sand should be changed every 3-5 years for maximum performance.

Pool Cleaners

Zodiac swimming pool cleaners clean your pool’s surfaces without needing you to lift a finger. The extensive range of vacuum systems, automatic pool cleaners and floor cleaning systems suit every pool and budget. We prefer to install Polaris 280 cleaners as the are proven over the years to be reliable and efficient.


Prime Pool Care recommends and supplies Daisy Pool Covers and Sunbather Accessories.

  • Leaf Rakes, Shovels, Skimmers & Scoops
  • Pool Brooms
  • Algae Brushes
  • Brush Vac Heads
  • Flexi Vac Heads
  • Telescopic Handles
  • Premium Vac Hoses
  • Float- Water test kits
  • Toys