Dear Alison & Aaron,

It was a wonderful surprise to arrive home to the beautiful hamper. Peter and I would like to say thank you and to congratulate you on being in the business 13 years, where has that time gone.

You have always given great service and all the fellows have been helpful, polite and great workers. We have always appreciated your prompt help whenever Peter has been away (which is nearly ALWAYS!!!!) and something always seems to happen and you quickly sort it out and put my mind at rest. We wish you both and everyone at Prime Pool Care many more years of success.

With kind regards – Marian & Peter Barry

Aaron and Alison,

Miles and I would like to thank you for your very kind gift of the hamper you gave us yesterday. It has been a long time you and your men have been supporting our pool, and we are very happy to have had you provide such excellent care of our pool over the last 10+ years. You have always been reliable over the years and we have the comfort that if anything does go wrong, which has only rarely happened, you are able to address all the problems and give sage advice on appropriate actions immediately.

Thanks to you that our pool has always been clean and safe for our family and our visitors. We hope there may be many more years of continuing association.

Thanks again for your very kind gift. – Kyra

To whom it may concern,

We have had a pool for many years and have in the past spent a lot of time and energy trying to find reliable pool maintenance people with no luck. That is until we met Aaron from Prime Pool Care. They have provided us with top quality care for approx. 7 years now, and we have not had one single issue since engaging their services. They are always on time, reliable and willing to help in any “pool” crises (of which we have had a few). We had one pump burn during a garden fire and Aaron was there the same day putting a new pump in.

All of Aaron’s team have a good industry knowledge and have been able to solve any problems that have arisen with the pool over the year. It has definitely made our life easier having quality service people around and I would not hesitate in recommending Prime Pool Care to anyone.

Yours sincerely,
Johanna Louwen

Aaron and Alison,